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For years now, the American people have been expected to ignore the fact that George Stephanopoulos was a central figure in the Bill Clinton administration and just pretend that he is a totally neutral member of the media.

It’s laughable.

Are we supposed to believe his politics have become more neutral since leaving the Clinton White House? Please.

During a recent appearance on the Daily Show, he all but admitted that the media is biased.

From NewsBusters:

Stephanopoulos Declares Journos ‘Have To Risk Looking Partisan’

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos traveled over to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show for an interview with Trevor Noah to promote his new docu-series on young campaign reporters. Naturally, the conversation included the current state of the industry, during which Stephanopoulos declared part of the job is “sometimes you have to risk looking partisan” by telling the truth.

Noah curiously told the former Clinton advisor that he represents old school news, “So you’re in an interesting position. For a long time, America had an agreed idea of what was happening on the news, for the most part… cable news came and it then became, you know, really partisan. You could have it this way and you could have it that way and your facts could almost a la carte now.”

Given that Stephanopoulos is allegedly a straight-shooting journalist, Noah wondered how he deals with today’s politicians, “you still occupying this position where most people think of it as “okay, this the middle. This is–” But the Overton Window of middle is shifting. How do you now respond? Do you try, do you have to cater to some of these politicians?”

Stephanopoulos responded by acknowledging, “there is a risk when you’re talking to certain politicians if you’re willing to say what you’re saying is not true, and sometimes you have to risk looking partisan by doing that.”

However, this is no excuse for neutrality, “But I think we can’t bow to that threat. I mean, as long as I’m confident when I am that we’re arguing about facts, undisputable facts I have no problem saying, ‘You’re not telling the truth.’ Even if that causes somebody to say, ‘You’re just being a political hack.’ You have to do that. That’s what we have to stand up for as journalists — right and wrong, fact, not fiction.”

Here’s the video:

Isn’t it funny how none of this was a problem when the majority of the media was pushing the Russia collusion lie?

And by the way, does anyone else find it odd that a former Bill Clinton staffer is now considered a neutral news journalist? Isn’t that a little strange?

Too far?

Are we really expected to accept advice on media from such obvuious partisans?

They don’t even try to hide their bias anymore.

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