Tyler Fischer’s impression of every liberal news show FUNNIEST damn thing you’ll see today (watch) – twitchy.com

Full transparency, we’d never seen Tyler Fischer before he crossed our timeline with this quite honestly brilliant impression of every liberal news show and outlet out there, EVER. And we’ve got to tell you, looking through his timeline we giggled … a lot.

But this one.


This is simply *chef’s kiss*.


… While increasing equity in the name of inclusivity to combat racial racist racism for minorities.

… Or been raped a bunch.

… But time was invented by the patriarchy.




This is hilarious because it’s spot on. The voice, the mannerism, the talking points. If you didn’t know he was making fun of them you might think he was an UBER Liberal news show giving Joy Reid a run for her money.

Or an actual NPR host.


This could be any horrible, annoying, embarrassing, cringe-filled lefty show out there.

Doesn’t he?

Two thumbs up! LOL



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