The mask is off – Creepy Joe is back with his patented touch and sniff move –

‘You just have to let him sniff you a little until he gets to know you’ would make sense if someone were talking about a dog. Unfortunately, we’re not. As the old adage goes, you can’t teach an old dog not to creep on young women. Okay, that might not be exactly how the saying goes. You guessed it, Creepy Joe is back.

He has a habit of touching women and girls and sticking his schnoz inappropriately close to their hair for a sniff. We’re not even sure what to call this. Semi-olfascism?

Just the other day, he grabbed Nikki Fried’s hand and potentially snuck a sniff.

The latest appearance of Creepy Joe was much less subtle.

True to form, Biden placed his hands on a young woman from behind, held his nose very close to her head, and made jokes about dating. It’s one of his go-to lines.

For some unknown reason, a Secret Service agent seems to be concerned that a man is filming this interaction. Have they been told to try to keep a lid on Creepy Joe sightings? Who knows? You’ll have to make up your own minds.

Right? This isn’t a one-off. There are scores of video clips of Biden behaving this way. Invariably, he reveals that he views women and girls as people to be dated. It’s creepy.

In large part, the COVID pandemic likely held Creepy Joe at bay due to social distancing and the fact that it’s just not that easy to snort in a nice big whiff of lady hair through an N95.

If you hadn’t noticed, Joe is wearing the mask less and less these days, and true to his nature, Creepy Joe has resurfaced.


He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


We see what she did there.

‘The adults are back in charge’ or something.

He’s not wrong. We would see the replays of the creepy behavior constantly in mainstream media.

It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out that this is inappropriate, should it?


He found her!

He’s going to be 80 years old next month. We’re reasonably certain he’s not going to change.

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