The Fort Bragg name change to Fort Liberty is nothing to BRAG about –

The US military has been changing the names of military bases named for Confederate generals and Fort Bragg is excited to celebrate its name change to Fort Liberty but the change did not seem to go over well on Twitter.

Who is going to celebrate it? Nobody.

This user wanted to be sure everyone knew about the history of the original namesake.

We support that, history is history, and trying to change it or pretend it did not happen does not really fix any of the issues most people have regarding the Confederacy.

Commenting on the WOKENESS was a popular concept.

Yup. This one was popular as well. Everyone is still going to call it Fort Bragg.

Heck, if you have ever been to the south from the middle of Virginia down to Georgia if you stop and ask directions someone will tell you to take a left at Joe’s Gas station which is no longer a gas station and is no longer named Joe’s. That is just how it works. 🙂

Ha! That one made us chuckle. It is STILL Bragg.

We ran into several users who supported the name change away from Bragg but they did not like Liberty!

We kind of agree. We don’t think the name needs to change because it fixes nothing, but if they are changing it, why not pick someone to honor?

Fort Liberty seems as generic as when The Washington Redskins were The Washington Football Team.  LAME.

Surely! Removing names of people from military bases when most people have no clue who they are even named for, to begin with, will surely change everything and put us all on a new page with a fresh start… (**insert sarcasm font and eye-roll**)

AAAAaaand there you have it. Fort Forty McFortface would have been better and people may have actually said that one because it is fun to say. 🙂

Will you call it Fort Liberty or Fort Bragg? We know for a fact we will still call it Fort Bragg.


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