Ted Cruz BLISTERS Biden’s FCC nominee, anti-free speech, anti-conservative nut job Gigi Sohn (watch) – twitchy.com

That Biden keeps pushing Gigi Sohn says so much about both of them, and ain’t none of it any good.

Chick is whack. She’s also an extremist who thinks conservative voices should be silenced – not even making that up. No wonder Biden likes her so much.

Ted Curz shared this video of Sohn this morning so people would be reminded of just who Biden has put up for the FCC.

Watch this:


And now that we’re learning about what GDI, Xandr, and Microsoft did to conservative outlets as a means to put them out of business? This woman must be kept far, far away from any sort of power, ESPECIALLY like the FCC.

Cruz went after her, big time:

She’s a defender of speech she AGREES WITH.

Ummm, what? While we’re certainly not experts on this subject this kinda sorta totally sounds like a conflict of interest. Just sayin’.

Misleading comments on the floor.

Because of course.

Third. Time.

She lied.


C’mon, really Biden administration?! REALLY?!

Let’s hope she’s denied a third time.



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