Teacher says students in her district pass the super-racist standardized tests because they’re ‘white and not hungry’ – twitchy.com

Remember when Joe Biden was giving a campaign speech and said that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids”? We’re thankful he’s not a teacher. But TikTok has made us question a whole lot of teachers and how they ended up in charge of children. We’re not sure why teachers are so comfortable doing confessionals on TikTok, but it’s really reinforced the very worst perceptions we’ve had of the profession.

Here’s a teacher complaining about standardized tests and how some school districts like hers have been rated as “distinguished.” It seems the reason students in the district are able to do well on the “super-racist” standardized tests is because they’re “probably white and not hungry.” Maybe hungry kids can be just as bright and talented as white kids. Are there any white kids who are hungry?


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