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Investing in Cryptocurrency is a preferred investment option at present. And if you get to earn rewards while investing, it gets even more interesting. Earning rewards or incentives by spending through some particular credit card is quite a normal thing. But, if you learn about the rewards that many Crypto exchanges offer, you will be able to choose the one for you. Many leading exchanges are offering some of the best Crypto rewards to their users.

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Many Crypto enthusiasts go for Cryptocurrency mining and that too, professionally. But, all these factors involve the same amount of risks. This happens as the value of the coins can go under a massive change with even a single tweet, like that of Elon Musk.

Ways to Get Hands on Crypto Rewards

There are smart methods that you can try out to earn freebies in the Crypto market. These rewards are available for Bitcoin enthusiasts too! With a bit of research and strategy, you can earn Crypto for free from different websites.

And, as the market is full of volatility, you may end up earning more than you thought. Also, some websites exist that provide cash or NFTs and you can convert them into Crypto.  Let’s have a look at the different smart moves by which you can earn free Crypto. These are –

Earn Rewards through Staking

If you have the motive of holding the coins for long-term, you can earn profits by staking the Cryptos. This move will become your passive source of income till you hold the coin. Though the platforms offer higher returns for speculative assets, the rewards vary for different coins.

Many platforms even use PoS for their functioning and validating the decentralized network. Due to this, the users who hold the coins get some rights. They can act as validators of the platform and earn by staking the coins. In this process, you are helping the system and earning profits as well.

Rewards from the Exchanges

To earn free Crypto for the exchanges, register yourself as a client of the platform. On registering, the platform will deposit free Cryptos in your digital wallet. With this, you may feel like accessing all these coins or getting the best option amidst the deposits.

Also, for this, you will need to deposit some amount of money. But, at the same time, this one is a safe strategy if you are aiming to get some free coins. You can execute this method in top-performing exchanges like Coinbase or CoinMarketCap.

Rewards Offered by Credit Cards

Cryptocurrency Rewards Offered By Credit Cards
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Along with having credit cards that offer cash-backs, you can obtain a Crypto reward card as well. With this card, you can receive Crypto as a cash-back on your purchases. If you buy Bitcoin or other leading coins with these cards, you can get rewards in Crypto. Also, it will offer other advantages at the same time.

Two common cards of this category are Gemini and BlockFi cards. Also, there are some restrictions on the usage of these reward cards. And, you need to consider all these limitations while using the card to earn rewards.

Rewards in the Form of NFTs

NFTs are gaining massive popularity these days. Though these are not crypto, in reality, you can convert them to Crypto easily. To earn these tokens free of cost, you need to look out for fresh projects that offer the same.

Many latest Crypto projects offer NFTs as a “welcome bonus” to their passionate backers. If you follow a fresh Crypto, you can get the chance of being invited. Also, you need to keep an eye on Twitter where you can earn some freebies. These rewards are offered at times when you retweet or support an initiative. But, you need to consider the taxes linked with the giveaway. Because it may lead to complications at times and make sure to avoid that.


Apart from these 4 ways, there are plenty of others as well that can land you some free Cryptocurrencies. But, don’t let the overexcitement lure you to fall into scams. You should invest the amount that you can afford to lose. You can select the method that suits you the most. Also, if you trade in Crypto, then visit App, the official trading website.

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