Should I Start a Blog in 2022? 10 Obvious Signs To Start a Blog

All these successful blogging stories must have made you think, ‘Should I start a blog?’. It’s by far one of the most asked blogging questions people ask online. I had similar thoughts when I started this blog and was equally confused as you might be today.

Is it the right time to start a blog? Or, is there any perfect time to do blogging? Should I start a blog now? What if I fail? Do people still read blogs?

Should I start a blog? Is blogging right for you?
Should I start a blog?

All these questions have always been there. But, blogging is a profitable online business and with time, the opportunities are increasing for bloggers. Now that you are not only limited to blog posts, you can be creative with your blog content.

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What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal or a website where a blogger manages the blog and shares his opinion. He or she can blog about any topic or be specific by choosing a blog niche.

There are different types of blogs available online. You can start a personal blog about your life and just engage with readers. Or, start a professional blog and pursue it as a blogging career. According to this data, there are more than 600 million blogs in the world. And, more than 3 million blog posts are published every day.

From business blogs to gardening and lifestyle, you can do blogging on anything you like or are experienced about.


Is it Worth Starting a Blog?

The short answer is yes. Blogging is highly recommended for a lot of reasons. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss. It’s not just a hobby but it’s a full time career with massive opportunities to grow and expand. Blogging is a constant learning process for everyone. Even after my 5+ years of blogging experience, I still learn something new about blogging and apply. 

Speaking of my own experience, a lot of bloggers had no idea how powerful blogging was, and now they have started 3-4 blogs and are actively making money online. You can read several stories online where people have left their jobs and became full time bloggers.

It’s fair to say that blogging is one of the best ways to know yourself, find your capabilities and strength, achieve your dreams, be your own boss, be the decision maker and earn money online.

But, the question is…

Is Blogging Worth Your Time?

Just like any other activity, job, or business you do, blogging is nothing different. It requires time, consistency, hard work and your interest. Obviously, blogging is a lot of work but once you apply best blogging practices and get growth, you will decide if it’s worth your time or not.

You can’t say unless you try.

On the other hand, blogging success takes time so best bloggers are those who are consistent, have patience and have spark for their blog growth.


Is it Profitable to Start a Blog?

On average, new bloggers make between $200 to $500 per month in the first year of blogging. However, established bloggers earn about $3500 to $15000 per month. But, the truth is that total income varies from blogs to blogs. This article breaks down on different blogs and how much money they make.

Some bloggers have a team of writers and assistants so they have huge blogs and websites. While individual bloggers do everything on their own. You can learn in detail on how bloggers make money and how they monetise their blogs.

If you study a few articles online, you will know that there are many bloggers who are making about $10k to $25k per month from their blogs all on their own. However, huge content sites make a lot more than this every month. It’s right to comment that blogging is still the most profitable business idea online.

Successful bloggers do not rely on one source of blogging income. They also diversify income channels from their blogs.


Is It Expensive to Start a Blog?

You can start a blog for just $2.95/month. Considering all other ideas to make money online, blogging is still the cheapest way. Initially, it doesn’t cost you much to do blogging. With time, you learn to think blogging seriously and invest in your blog business.

To explain this further, read the post on how much does it cost to start a blog from scratch. It breaks down everything bloggers need to get started.


10 Signs of Starting a Blog

Before I quickly share simple signs to start a blog, I have a question. 

Do you struggle to decide whether blogging is for you? Should you start a blog? 

If you are constantly battling with these thoughts, just go through a few signs of starting a blog and if you can relate with you, that’s the clue.


1. You want to explore yourself

Blogging is literally the first thing you can do to know yourself better. It allows you to be creative with your thoughts and ideas. Maybe, you have always been interested in home crafts but never took it seriously. You start with writing about a few things you know, and keep making new things to teach others.

When I started a personal blog years ago, I got to know myself better. I thought writing was difficult but I learned that I enjoy it. Blogging helps to explore your inner creativity. You will be the boss of your ideas and you will make your ideas flourish.


2. Become financially independent

Another reason to start a blog is to become financially independent. Who doesn’t want to make money online these days? And, blogging is one of the best ways to make a profitable income. You don’t have to be a master graduate to become a blogger and make money.

You only have to become a good blogger. And, this can only happen if you start a blog. Please know that it’s a constant learning process. You do not become a high paid blogger overnight. Learn about it, experiment, enjoy ups and downs, celebrate wins, failures and success. 

This blogging journey is amazing! 


3. A Side Hustle or part time work

Do you want to do part time work, or a side hustle? If yes, blogging is a good option. Once you have found your interest, you can spend more time building your blog. It’s a wonderful idea to try something new and come out of your comfort zone.

A lot of bloggers don’t blog full time. Some only work on weekends and they are making good money while only working a few hours every week. Your journey can be slow but it’s something you can do from anywhere in this world. Of course, with a good internet and laptop for blogging🙂 


4. Earn Passive Income

Blogging allows you to make passive income while you sleep or travel. Yes! This is so true. I make money just like that and this is the best thing I love about blogging.

It takes time to build up your blog foundation, and get some traffic. Once you have consistent traffic and smart monetization strategies, you are geared for making passive income every day. I wrote this detailed post on how to make passive income with blogging. It’s very useful and loaded with opportunities for bloggers to make money online.


5. You are Passionate 

If you are passionate about blogging then this is your sign for starting a blog. It’s true that blogging demands hard work, consistency and patience but one thing that surpasses everything is your passion to blog.

I used to feel disappointed in my first year of blogging but I wanted to make this. I used to read 100s of pages online about blogging. The concepts, strategies, ideas and what not. My experience tells me that your passion can help you achieve your goals.


6. You Enjoy Writing

Blogging isn’t all about writing but a major part of blogging is to write. To share your voice with the world through your blog posts. To teach and help others. To show your audience how to do something.

If you love to write then it’s your hint to start blogging and enjoy writing.

Tip: Save the image below to pinterest so that you can always read.

7. Laptop Lifestyle

Do you dream of enjoying a laptop lifestyle? Imagine traveling to a favorite destination with a laptop and a travel bag. Imagine working on your laptop in a cafe, on a beach, or even at your hotel. That means, no office buildings and colleagues. 

You are your own boss and do blogging to earn money. 


8. You want freedom and flexibility

I love this! The beauty of blogging is freedom and flexibility. Are you someone who wants to set your own schedules, work at preferred hours, make decisions, and enjoy freedom? 

Blogging is for you! When you become a full-time blogger, you have the freedom to blog. You make decisions for your business. You don’t have to work for someone else. You are working for yourself.


9. You want to inspire others

Blogging is about inspiring others with your content. I built this blog to inspire new bloggers and content creators to start blogging. It’s a wonderful field for creative people and I want to encourage women to create their own digital empires and become female bosses.

Maybe, you want to inspire someone to become a good baker, or a better writer. If you are ready to help and inspire others, it’s high time to start a blog.


10. You are willing to invest time

Finally, you are ready to invest your time into blogging. Nothing is possible without your willingness to blog. You are motivated to blog. You are thrilled to become a successful blogger and are excited to give endless hours into building a blog.

Now that you can relate with all these signs and want to start a blog, let’s learn how to start a blog from the beginning.


How to Start a Blog from Scratch

I am here to teach you how to start a blog from beginning. It’s easy and simple. I have helped hundreds of bloggers to build their own blogs. It only includes a few steps and you will have a functional website with your blog name in an hour or so.

You can follow this full in-depth tutorial on starting a blog with no experience. It’s a comprehensive step by step guide to help you create a blog from scratch.


Step #1: Click here to get started 

First step is to get started with bluehost. It’s best for all new bloggers who are starting a blog for the first time. It only takes a few steps to sign up.


Step #2: Choose the price plan for only $2.95/m

The shared hosting plan is best to choose from. It only costs $2.95/m that makes a total of $35.4 per year. And, you also get domain name free for 1st year. This shared hosting plan works fine for new and small blogs.


start a blog from scratch. Should I start a blog

Step #3: Pick a domain name

At this stage, you can put your domain name. If you haven’t picked a domain name yet you can skip this step and buy later. These are some great blog name ideas.

Step #4: Fill out the information

At this step, you can fill in all information and pay the bill. Don’t pay for extra services as you won’t need them.


Step #5: Congratulations

In next steps, you will see a dashboard where you can install wordpress, a free theme and build your WordPress website. Make sure to create and save your WordPress admin username and password. 


Is it too late to start a blog? 

You can start a blog whenever you like. There is no perfect time to start a blog and pursue blogging as a career. It was said blogs were about to disappear but every other day, there are new websites published online.

Blogging is so broad and it has many branches. You can literally turn a simple blog into full time income. This is your chance to take your hints and signs seriously.

If you are ready, click here to start a blog today 🙂

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