Several House Republicans join pile-on that’s crushing Biden’s EV ‘savings’ tweet –

On Monday the @POTUS account attempted to highlight how President Biden is “helping” the middle class during this administration’s attempt to phase out fossil fuels by reminding everybody how much money they’ll purportedly save. The tone-deafness is super-strong with this one:

There’s so much that’s mockworthy in that tweet, and some House Republicans have joined the pile-on.

Republican Rep. Jim Banks had this to say:

The middle class can’t afford that but apparently the Biden White House would like everybody to thank them anyway.

Rep. Andy Biggs was also unimpressed:

Yeah, but you get a tax credit of $7,500! (Oh wait, maybe not… we’ll get to that in a second…)

Maybe the dealership would take a few dozen eggs in trade.

And about Biden’s tax credit promotion accompanied by that particular photo:

That POTUS tweet is an all-around “FAIL” when it comes to promoting the Dems’ “green” agenda to the working class. Not that they’ll stop gaslighting about it.



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