Say it ain’t so Joe, epic explanation for inflation conveniently emerges, surprise – Republicans are to blame! –

Probably no one saw what was coming when Democrats slapped a fancy, yet completely unrelated, title on a humongous spending bill that Republicans weren’t expected to approve. The so-called Inflation Reduction Act set the stage for both transferring blame and claiming credit, this is a no-lose situation with supporters who are begging to be gaslit. Just tell them how to justify pointing all of the fingers. It is honestly hard to tell if Joe Biden is offering an explanation for inflation or claiming that Republicans aren’t responsible for recovery… that doesn’t exist. Someone decipher the madness.

Are we supposed to assume that the man, the myth, the pudding cup POTUS, is aware of current inflation status?

As mentioned, if inflation is bad, it is clearly because Republicans failed to pass this glorious piece of legislation that had nothing to do with inflation, but that’s not the talking point folks. If anyone is interested in actually addressing inflation, maybe they should consult the Twitter.

For real though. Joe and his cronies are going about this all wrong and (at least some of) the people see through it.

Busted, might be time to come up with another, actual, attempt at putting the US economy on a good path.  No more tricks though, people are onto this gaslighting maneuver and they aren’t judging bills by their titles.

Perhaps it is focus that is lacking, too much propagandizing, not enough presidenting.

Last we heard, it was the President’s job to address the concerns of the nation. Dear POTUS, the people need a little more hope, and a lot less blame. Please tell all of your Democrat friends.


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