Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says investigating Biden isn’t going well for ‘extreme MAGA Republicans’ –

As CBS News reported Thursday, Rep. James Comer, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, has made the panel’s first official requests for documents from President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his brother, James Biden, over foreign business pursuits.

Democrats worried last fall that if Republicans took back the House, they’d be making up crazy excuses every week to impeach President Joe Biden. While we wouldn’t mind some impeachment hearings, Republicans are going ahead with their investigation of the Biden family and its overseas business dealings. Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says that extreme MAGA Republicans are obsessed with the Bidens and it’s not going to go well for them.

“It’s not going well for them”? They haven’t even begun to investigate.

Democrats made it clear before the midterms that they were worried, and now that Republicans hold the House, they should be worried. They should consider it a courtesy that Biden hasn’t been impeached yet.


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