Piers Morgan’s account was hacked and tweeted filth to his 8.3 million followers for an hour – twitchy.com

Piers Morgan is going to have a heck of a day when he wakes up to find that his Twitter account was hacked.

The hacker, who may or may not be a selfie-loving Somali, spent about an hour in control of Morgan’s account, tweeting racial slurs, shoutouts to friends, trashy sexual comments, and insults at the deceased Queen of England.

Well done, Piers! LOL.


We’d pay money to see Piers waking up to check the old Twitter timeline.

‘Oh, I think I’ll check me tweets … Oh &*#@!’


We’re sure Piers Morgan will totally grill Elon Musk on why Twitter allowed him to do something stupid.

Either that, or he made JoJoFromJerz his social media manager. LOL!

Piers is making national and international news. Well done, Piers. Geez.

It was about to get even worse but Twitter intervened.


We’re betting it will get funnier when Piers wakes up. We’ll keep you updated.

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