Pete Buttigieg squirms claiming he’s GLAD his use of govt. jets for travel is being audited and LOL –

Secretary of Vacation, Pete Buttigieg, says he is glad a transportation watchdog is going to audit his use of private, government jets.

Sure he is.

Oh, and sorry, our bad … Secretary of Transportation.

Bottom line: He’s sweatin’.

Because you know, nobody worries more about saving taxpayer money than Democrats.


From WaPo:

An internal Transportation Department watchdog said Monday that it will audit Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s use of Federal Aviation Administration jets for official trips, as well as travel by his predecessor, Elaine Chao.

The Transportation Department said Buttigieg made 18 flights on FAA planes over seven trips. In all but one trip, it was less expensive to use FAA aircraft than to fly commercially, Buttigieg’s office said. The cost of the flights for Buttigieg and accompanying staff members was $41,905.20, according to the department.

If that’s saving us money we’d hate to see what it looks like when he doesn’t care about saving us money.

And c’mon, nobody believes he’s ‘glad’ to be audited.

That too.

Totally. Right?

He’s doing us a favor by using those private jets you guys!

Hey, it’s a fair point.



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