Obama BRO Tommy Vietor thanking Harry Reid ‘although he’s probably not on Twitter’ BACKFIRES hilariously – twitchy.com

Someone close to Obama bro and expert van-driver Tommy Vietor wanna tell him that Harry Reid isn’t on Twitter because he passed away last year? We get it, Tommy is probably busy with … whatever the Hell it is he’s doing these days so it’s possible that he missed it.



Yeah, probably not because he’s dead.


This was exceptionally funny – it’s always fun to laugh at and not with an Obama lackey.

Gosh, thanks Tommy for giving us something to be happy about this morning.

And by default, Harry Reid.


Oh, man.

The dude is a giver.

Hey, you drive a van but SOME DAY, since you’re a Democrat, dumb people will think you know what you’re talking about politically too! Keep driving that van!


We suppose that’s possible, that Tommy isn’t completely dense and just has a really bad sense of humor BUT the other is much funnier.



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