Notorious white supremacist –

A Twitter user named Kyle Howard tweeted a thread this week about the ‘Heroes of Liberty’ collection in his local Barnes & Noble bookstore. In Howard’s view, these books promote ‘White Supremacy’. Others took exception to the claim, noting that the collection contains a book about none other than the great Thomas Sowell, a conservative icon … and a black man.

White supremacy is getting weird these days, apparently.

The thread is given here in screenshots because the account is now protected. We don’t know if Howard locked down simply due to the negative feedback, or if he was targeted by bad actors outside of the topic of the books. Obviously, nobody should condone the latter if that occurred. Twitter should be a place where ideas can be debated, and debated vigorously, and that’s where it should stay.

Make no mistake, most of the people featured by these books are beloved conservative icons, and people on the Left would not share the same admiration, but ‘White Supremacy’?

According to Howard’s account, he complained to the cashier, who also shared his opinion of the books.

We’ve been hearing an awful lot lately about conservatives trying to ‘ban books’. We’re not sure what remedy Howard is seeking here. Could it be banning? Awkward, indeed.

We’re going to embrace the awkwardness of writing about tweets from a locked account. Kyle made a public accusation that this display is ‘promoting White Supremacists’. That’s what we’re addressing here. Just as Howard felt obligated to speak out, so do we. Labeling Thomas Sowell a ‘White Supremacist’ is a bridge too far. It deserves a response.

Twitter users responded to this charge, especially in defense of Thomas Sowell.

It’s an absurd proposition to anyone who has read Dr. Sowell.

It’s definitely notable. Harriet Tubman, another American hero, certainly can’t be classified as a White Supremacist. Will the display still be promoting white supremacy when the Tubman book comes out? How about the Clarence Thomas book scheduled for release next year?

This seems more like a political objection than one that is really based in concerns over white supremacy.

Sowell’s book Basic Economics should be required reading for all high school students (and every member of Congress).

Endorsed. If Howard hasn’t given Sowell a chance, he should give him a shot.

In fact, you might want to look into these for your kids.

Ok, we’ve been so serious here. We laughed. LOL.

We have to admit, Dave Chappelle doing a Clayton Bigsby spinoff where Thomas Sowell finds out he’s a white supremacist WOULD be funny.

To us, Thomas Sowell is an American hero, and we’ll be here to defend his good name when necessary.

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