Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz use those names because Republicans are white supremacists –

We’re picking on someone without a blue check here, but the tweet has gotten enough traction that the good folks at Birdwatch have “added context they think people might want to know.” We’re not sure why this is coming up again, but don’t you wonder why Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz don’t go by their real first names? It’s obvious when you think about it: their voters are white supremacist Republicans who needed to be tricked into thinking they were white.

We checked Mrs. Bowers’ Twitter feed to make sure it wasn’t a parody, and we’re pretty sure it’s not, even though she claims to be America’s best Christian in her Twitter image.

This has been done so many times it’s frightening how many in the replies think it’s a good point. Yeah, but what’s the deal with Frances and Wilhelm?


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