MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan asks if the 2024 election will be free and fair if black people are denied the right to vote –

Watch MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan make an utter fool of himself with Shadi Hamid. Hasan says not all Trump supporters are fascists (which you know he doesn’t believe) and then goes on to mention Georgia’s voting laws — which, in his eyes, deny black people the right to vote. As Twitchy has been reporting, early voting in Georgia by all races has been off the charts, with 1 million having voted already for the Nov. 9 election.

There is so little to say here other than that Hasan is an election denier; he refuses to even entertain the idea of Donald Trump winning a fair and square election in 2024. And this was posted to Hasan’s own account, so you know he thinks he won this debate.

Run that clip of Democrats denying the 2016 election results for 10 minutes straight.

Hasan is a journalist so he doesn’t “have” a party … he just knows that one of the two parties wants to destroy democracy and replace it with fascism, and he doesn’t like that.

And we’re still going on about the “Muslim ban” in 2022?


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