Mo. AG Eric Schmitt has some takeaways from the full transcript of Dr. Fauci’s deposition –

Last month Dr. Anthony Fauci sat for a seven-hour deposition by two Republican attorneys general and you just know the NIAID chief who is “the science” wasn’t happy about being questioned:

Dr. Anthony Fauci was quizzed for seven hours Wednesday by the Republican attorneys general of two states as part of a lawsuit alleging that he and other White House officials leaned on social media companies to limit debate about COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic.

“One thing is clear from the 7 hour deposition of Dr. Fauci today,” Missouri Attorney General and US Senator-elect Eric Schmitt proclaimed on Twitter. “When Fauci speaks — social media censors.”

Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry were cleared last month by a federal judge to question the 81-year-old White House chief medical adviser, who is due to retire next month.

Missouri Attorney General (and senator-elect) Eric Schmitt has followed up on that and has some samples from the full transcript from the Fauci deposition:

If you guessed that there would be a lot that Fauci “can’t recall,” you were absolutely correct:

The only thing Fauci seems to be able to recall is that he’s infallible when it comes to “the science,” even if he has to do some fast pivots:

Naturally it seems that Fauci was quite impressed by China very early in 2020, and you know what happened next:

As Republicans are set to take control of the House we likely haven’t heard the end of this.

Pretty much.



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