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President Biden’s trip on Thursday to New York included a short tarmac meeting with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who delivered a couple of midterm election-related comments and projections. There’s one unbelievable remark and another that’s totally easy to believe:

Wait, what was that about the Walker/Warnock race?

Of course Schumer might just be peddling his usual BS because this part just doesn’t seem believable:

Schumer telling Biden that Walker is leading Warnock in Georgia is currently backed up by recent polling, but his remark about Fetterman’s debacle Tuesday night seems like wishcasting.

Biden lies to us, others lie to Biden — it’s like the political circle of life.

Perhaps after the possible midterm wipeout maybe Biden will comprehend the problem, but more than likely he’ll just blame Putin, Big Oil or “insurrectionists.”


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