Matt Taibbi delivered a Twitter body slam on Aaron Rupar and LOL –

Sometimes a Twitter slam is just so good that we just have to tell you about it, and this short exchange between Matt Taibbi and Aaron Rupar is one of them.

Self-described ‘journalist’ Aaron Rupar attempted to dunk on Matt Taibbi and his work with the Twitter Files.

Rupar wisecracked that he was sure the Twitter Files people would be on top of a completely unrelated story about Trump allegedly pressuring Disney to do something about Jimmy Kimmel making fun of him. He then tagged Matt Taibbi in the tweet to complete his sick burn.

Taibbi responded by dropping a linguistic Little Boy on Rupar’s account.

Dang, son! Taibbi wasn’t having it. LOL.

Rupar’s entire journalistic career reduced to rubble in a single tweet. Ouch.

Kaboom, indeed.

Yeah, he dead. LOL.

For those who don’t remember, Aaron Rupar’s name earned it’s own entry in the Urban Dictionary:


To lie with impunity; a brazen statement with a focus on misleading, usually with intention of a predetermined outcome.

The presidential candidate rupar’d before stealing the election. Now the few citizens that actually favored him suffer extreme voter-remorse.


We’ll consider it … no.

‘We’re sorry, Kermit, this is Uber Eats, can you put Aaron on?’

It’s an open and shut case, to be honest.

We’re guessing the real challenge is clipping them just perfectly to take them out of context.


‘Stolen valor’!!! We are dying over here! LOL.

Slam. Dunk.

It is delicious though. LOL.

Just a reminder that this site is still free, if you want it to be.

Fine. We’ll run it by ChatGPT …

‘Write a tweet about Twitter Files in the style of Aaron Rupar.’

‘Just saw the latest #TwitterFiles leak and it’s clear that social media giants like @Twitter are more interested in protecting their bottom line than they are in protecting users’ privacy. The public deserves transparency and accountability! #TechIndustry #Privacy’

Whoa! He’s right!


It really was.


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