Mark Hamill clarifies liking JK Rowling’s tweet –

Mark Hamill has been trending on Twitter for a couple of days now for the crime of liking this tweet by JK Rowling:

Hamill fans were quick to express their disappointment, with many accusing him of transphobia, while others hoped that the Star Wars icon had liked the tweet accidentally.

But fear not, Hamill himself has weighed in on the controversy:

Phew! See, nothing to worry about. The like was actually in SUPPORT of all the people who spent two days dragging him!

It probably would have made a bit more sense to boost the original tweet that Rowling was replying to, but an account with a little over five million followers can’t be expected to know that “Twitter is, unfortunately, no place for nuance.”

You would think that, and it certainly makes sense, but this is the Internet and that’s not allowed. Mark Hamill has long been an ally and an advocate, and he still had to go through the crucible over clicking the heart button, and make a statement clarifying his intentions. Why it matters what anyone likes on social media and how it’s perceived as some sort of defining characteristic still remains a mystery. As does who the heck has the kind of time to go looking at what other people like.

Agreed, but given how things are these days, that’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon.

At any rate, it appears that Hamill has indeed been forgiven by his comrades. At least until the next time he slips up.


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