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Saturday night there was a shooting in a Colorado Springs nightclub that left at least five people dead and many more injured:

A 22-year-old gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and leaving 25 injured before he was subdued by “heroic” patrons and arrested by police who arrived within minutes, authorities said Sunday.

At least two firearms, including a “long rifle” used during the shooting, were found at Club Q after the Saturday night attack, police said.

On its Facebook page, the club called it a “hate attack.” Investigators were still determining a motive and whether to prosecute it as a hate crime, said El Paso County District Attorney Michael Allen. Charges against the suspect “will likely include first-degree murder,” he said.

Lori Lightfoot has said enough is enough… finally:


Who wants to tell her?

Yeah, she is…

If Lightfoot is truly “sick of this s**t” she could show it by starting in her own city.

Sadly that’s true.

If only.

Sadly, yes, but the Democrats don’t like to shine a light on all that for some reason.

Probably not… Lightfoot’s been too busy helping the pro-gun control lefties push their desired narratives while distracting attention from the disasters taking place in their own cities.



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