Limited Run Games MIIIGHT wanna look at tweets from the account they caved to when firing employee –

As Twitchy readers know, Limited Run Games fired an employee for following Right-leaning accounts.

No, really.

And they did it at the request of an account called ‘Purple Tinker hates Elon’.

No, really again.

Today, they’ve been trying to tweet as if it’s business as usual … locking down replies which means people are just quote-tweeting them but whatever makes them feel better.

After this story broke on Twitter, we were seeing rumblings about the account that actually ‘tattled’ on the employee for following Right-leaning accounts and demanding they be fired. Interestingly enough, we found the person who complained had deleted their Twitter account …

How brave.

Unfortunately for this person, people grabbed plenty of screenshots and had all sorts of interesting info to share. Like creepy AF tweets about things that many people would feel are inappropriate for an adult to send out.

Take a gander:

The tweets about statutory rape are the most disconcerting… right?

And they CAVED to this person?


Oh, there’s more.

And then there’s all of this from Datareacer:

And again, there’s more.


Keep going.

Way to go, Limited Games.


And yet they fired their own employee because she followed right-leaning accounts.


Not a great look, guys. Like, at all.

We went to look through the archive of this account as well and folks … we have no words.

Ok, so we have LOTS AND LOTS of words, but none that we can write even on Twitchy. Also, most of the tweets we looked through did not feel appropriate for this piece BUT we found a couple, one from her bragging about getting this employee fired and the other … yeah.

Then we went to the co-founder’s timeline (Douglas (Dougie) Bogart) to see if he had any comment on what they’ve done here and guess what? His account is locked.

Because that doesn’t make them look even worse or anything.

We’ll keep an eye on this- stay tuned.



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