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In true Twitchy fashion, we’re going to ring in the New Year with some good old-fashioned meme-filled merrymaking. Hey, you love memes … we love memes. Let’s do this!

If you follow Jesse Kelly, you’ve seen his hilarious meme threads. Check out the full thread for all the memes, but we’re going to share some of our favorites (and family-friendliest, lol) here.

Now, on to the memes!

Oh, crap! We’re one tweet in and we’ve already offended the body positivity folks!

Also, some of us need to get busy on our New Year’s resolutions. Fine, whatever, dude. Don’t judge us!

HAHA! Ouch.

We say this because we love you: Under no circumstances … EVER … should you try this at home, guys.

Hey now! They’re comfortable!!!

It’s us:

It really do be like that.


It’s funny because it’s true. (insert sound of Twitchy editor running from the ladies.)


Ok, that’s funny … and hits too close to home.

No comment.


Ancestry.com in 2090 is going to be SO messed up! LOL.

Don’t you dare pretend you’ve never done it!

That’s the spirit! Ha!

Oh, man!


You are here. Speaking of bills and Congress …

We’re sorry. LOL.

Thanks, Joe Biden.

Sorry, Grandma!

We rate this one accurate and funny.


We laughed.

Now THAT is the truth.

LOL! If 2022 taught you nothing else …


We know you read that a couple times and then laughed.

Oh, geez, we wish this wasn’t so close to reality.


We’re looking forward to laughing our way through 2023 with you with the news, political insight, jokes, and memes we all love! Happy New Year!

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