Laura Loomer’s lame attack on Casey DeSantis fact-checked hilariously –

Twitchy readers know that Laura Loomer has been teasing the #DeSantisFiles for several weeks.


That is fine, she is perfectly within her rights to support one person over another but this particular line of attack is just weird.

The latest thing that is supposed to make you hate DeSantis is Casey’s name, and the fact that they got married at Disney.

The tweet makes it seem like there is a big secret and Casey changed her name for some nefarious reason, but Twitter users added context to the tweet and it made it hilarious.

CASEY IS HER NAME, it just happens to be her middle name.

Twitter Context for Casey DeSantis Name

It is great!  The fact check was the cherry on top of this amazingly funny cake.


Disney has been ‘woke’ for a very long time, but in 2009 it was not noticeable and they could not change where they were married just because Ron became governor! Governors have a lot of power but we are pretty sure time travel is not one of them.

Exactly! As we said Loomer has every right to paint anyone she sees as competition in a bad light, but the only thing this tweet does is make Loomer look like she did not do enough homework before tweeting.

How would we ever be able to live with ourselves? We know we will sleep better after knowing that Casey DeSantis uses her middle name…


Don’t forget Mitt Romney. His use of his middle name means he should resign IMMEDIATELY!

She was serious. We think that Laura thought since nobody likes Jill Biden finding out Casey’s first name was Jill would have a negative effect but it just made us all laugh.

It is dumb. She obviously is NOT above it.

Look out. Ron is a faker too. These two with their fake names. What are we gonna do about them?


That one cut deep. LOL

We are in no way trying to tell anyone who or who not to vote for in the primaries, we are just saying that acting like using a middle name is a deal-breaker is not the way to push people to Trump. We do not even think Trump would think that was a good move.

Her real name is Laura Elizabeth Loomer and we feel like she is lying to us all by not using her ENTIRE name at all times.

Look, Beth can we call you Beth since your middle name is Elizabeth?
We are all for you supporting Trump with everything you have, just make the attacks worth our time to read and not just for the jokes.


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