Keith Olbermann not taking John Fetterman’s debate trouncing very well –

As you certainly know by now, everybody was pretty hush-hush about the effects of John Fetterman’s stroke on his cognitive ability until NBC News’ Dasha Burns pointed out that Fetterman had a hard time communicating and understanding what he was hearing during their talk. Everyone came down hard on Burns — “de facto candidate” Gisele Fetterman demanded “consequences” for her.

Now, NBC News has published a piece on the debate and says that Democrats are “on edge” after watching it. Keith Olbermann has had enough of NBC News trying to destroy the Democratic candidate.

CNN’s gone hard right-wing under new management, and now NBC News.

Anonymous sources are now bad, and NBC News is in the tank for the Republicans. Or maybe Fetterman was such a disaster Tuesday night the media can’t ignore it. He’s a bad candidate. The GOP has bad candidates. We’re not crying over it, though.


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