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WTF is going on with Kanye West? Wearing a bizarre zipper mask from Balenciaga and talking about how much he likes Hitler on Alex Jones? Telling Jones not to be so mean to the Nazis? And then going on Twitter and posting what looks like a swastika inside the Star of David?

Just absolutely bizarre … this couldn’t be more bizarre if this was some sort of performance art and at the end of this he yelled, PSYCH.

What we can tell you is West has been suspended from Twitter again for ‘inciting violence.’

We believe it started here:

Now, apparently, there was some sort of back and forth between Elon Musk and West before his account was suspended. To this editor, it looks like Musk was trying to talk West ‘off’ the crazy train but clearly, he didn’t see it that way.

He said this was his last tweet:

Musk responded that this was fine.

But other was not.

And then explained that West had been suspended NOT for insulting him, but for inciting violence.

We looked back through Musk’s tweets and it appears he had spent some time debating with West … maybe about love? Jesus? Note, since West is suspended we can’t see his tweets so we’re not entirely sure what was said. This was Musk’s response though.

There seems to be some genuine concern for West from his fans.

He did try.

And per Musk, West violated the rule against incitement to violence.

The reaction to West being suspended has been very interesting. While there are plenty of people who agree that West should have been suspended, there are just as many who do not agree and are pushing back citing free speech.

Interesting point. Should the tweet have a warning label on it instead of resulting in a suspension? Maybe a call to dialogue?

That’s the other piece – it seems the ‘swastika’ inside the Star of David is actually a ‘Raelin’ symbol which is indicative of a UFO religion.

No, really.

Tellin’ you guys, this has just been absolutely bizarre.

Free speech or bust.

Is this free speech?

Was it a swastika or a UFO thing?

Is everything getting CRAZIER and dumber at the same time?

All we can say is WOOF, we’re glad we just write about Twitter and we don’t run it.



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