Justin Trudeau uses International Women’s Day to remind us trans women are women – twitchy.com

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is such a squish when it comes to social issues but morphs into an authoritarian tyrant when faced with a little pushback like the Freedom Convoy. This guy has multiple photos of himself in blackface but still wants to lecture the rest of us. He’s really just a terrible, terrible person.

As we reported earlier, first lady Dr. Jill Biden celebrated International Women’s Day by handing out an award for courage to a biological male. Of course she did — we would have been surprised if she hadn’t. You do know the White House deliberately searched the world for a trans woman to honor and found one in Argentina.

Anyway, Trudeau also used International Women’s Day to reaffirm the fact that trans women are women, and it’s nothing but hate to believe otherwise.

Could’ve stopped there …

Farrah Khan is a gender justice advocate and executive director of the Canadian Planned Parenthood:

Yeah, Trudeau is such a strong feminist. And it’s nothing more than hate for women to not want biological men in their locker rooms, showers, prisons, etc.


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