John Kirby defends the possibility Biden had an F-22 shoot down a $10 hobbyist balloon –

It’s looking increasingly like one of the “objects” that the Biden White House ordered to be shot down after allowing the Chinese spy aircraft to float across the entire country might be a $10 to $15 balloon that belonged to a hobby club.

Politico now has the story:

It’s possible that the object shot down by American forces over the Yukon last weekend “could have been our balloon,” a member of an Illinois hobbyist group said Friday.

On Thursday, news surfaced that an amateur group in Illinois said one of its balloons had gone missing near Alaska on Saturday, the same day an F-22 shot down an object over the Yukon in Canada. In a blog post on the group’s website on Tuesday, it said the balloon had gone “missing in action” but avoided making any connection with the military shoot-down.
Balloons flown by the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade are no different from the $10 to $15 balloons children buy for parties, the person said. They’re not specifically designed for scientific purposes. The Sidewinder missile used by the Air Force to shoot down the object over the Yukon costs roughly $400,000.

John Kirby was asked about that today and danced around the issue:

The Biden White House has put balloon enthusiasts everywhere on notice (except for China):

Kirby said the object might never be recovered, and if it was a $10 balloon you can be sure they’ll see to it that it’s never found.




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