Jen Rubin agrees that Biden’s documents case is more similar to Hillary’s than to Trump’s –

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin wants us all to pay attention to this opinion piece in Politico arguing that President Joe Biden having classified documents in his garage is less like Donald Trump’s having classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and more like Hillary Clinton’s case, which involved a whole lot more that just mishandling classified materials.

Renato Mariotti thinks that’s both good and bad news for the president. Check this out:

Based on what we know now, Biden’s sloppy retention of a smattering of classified documents looks more like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s inadvertent retention of classified material on a private email server than former President Donald Trump’s stubborn refusal to return hundreds of classified documents to the DOJ despite repeated demands from federal officials.

OK, we’re already done with this. Clinton’s “inadvertent retention of classified material on a private email server.” How is it inadvertent when she went out of her way to set up a private email server so that all of her communications would fall outside of FOIA laws? President Barack Obama said he learned about the private email server from the news, even though her private email address had been whitelisted by the White House and he’d been emailing back and forth with her.

And inadvertent retention? How about the “inadvertent” deletion of 33,000 emails about yoga and her daughter’s wedding plans?

“Like the Clinton investigation, it’s not clear that this matter meets even the low bar for initiation of a criminal investigation,” continues Mariotti. Seriously?

Clinton should be in jail. They sent a sailor to prison for having a few photos of a submarine on his camera. (President Trump pardoned him.)



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