Jack Dorsey tried to fact-check Elon Musk about what wasn’t a ‘crime’ at Twitter (it was a BAD idea) – twitchy.com

From the time Elon Musk bought Twitter he listed a number one priority for the social media platform:

Fast forward to today when Musk responded to a resignation letter from a former Twitter employee on the “Trust & Safety Council.” In the letter, it’s claimed that the “safety and well-being of Twitter’s users are on the decline” since Musk took over the company:

Musk responded this way:

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey then offered up a three-word fact-check:

Dorsey probably should have just kept that to himself:

You’d think former Twitter employees would be hesitant to make claims knowing that Musk can and will publicize the receipts if necessary.

There seems to be a bit of “I knew nothing about what was going on but I knew everything about what was going on” among some former Twitter execs and others:

Weird, right?

We’ll close it out here. We already know that Dr. Fauci’s daughter worked at Twitter, and Democrat activists also just keep popping up:

John Podesta was of course the chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Small world indeed!



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