Is anybody shocked by the final dramatic move from the House 1/6 Commission? –

News about another 40-year high in inflation came out today which again sent Biden and his White House economic advisers into full-blown gaslight mode, and you what that means… time for another House January 6th Commission hearing!

For some reason they sure do like to schedule these hearings on days bad economic news for the Democrats gets released.

However, the Democrats (and two Republicans on their last weeks in office) saved the most predictable theatrics for last. This particular show trial wasn’t going to end without a high-kick finish, and the J6 Commission delivered what the Dems know their base wanted:

Who didn’t see that one coming?

The Dems might not like where this precedent leads when Republicans regain some control.

Is everybody distracted from the coming Democrat midterm wipeout? That was the intent of all this.

Oh well, at least Rob Reiner’s been convinced:

In fairness, however, it’s much easier to “prove” things when a defense is not allowed. Ironically, Reiner considers Trump to be the one who exhibits the behavior of a dictator.

Maybe Trump should show up in front of the committee, announce he’s running for president, and then sit back and see how many heads explode.



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