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Jeff ID

I was dreaming of a world last night where we had a perfect energy source. It was a nice dream. Something which was high density, easily transportable, simple to find and not damaging to the environment. wow… What if it then had a low extraction footprint with no strip-mining, no rarity of existence, and even better, no biologically deadly emissions. It would be a Gaian dream. Greener than anything ever imagined by any human in history.

My dream grew even bigger. I don’t think small when dreaming apparently, which must be a side effect of the nefarious manner in which I was raised. This energy source was something that was easy to use with simple machinery such that energy could be made into rotational, kinetic, electric and heat with minimal mechanical requirements. You might even carry it in a bucket or something – I know it’s silly.

Such an energy source would revolutionize humanity. With almost no negative impacts, everyone on Earth would be behind it. Imagine how the freedom it would create would be completely unbounded. You could literally travel anywhere!! And then, what if that energy source emitted something useful!!!!

I know it’s impossible but wow, what a world it would be. What a world!!!!!!

My perfect dream would create no change in the existing rate of sea level rise – in all of recorded history..

Hurricanes wouldn’t increase..

Droughts would not get worse..

Famine would be dramatically reduced.

I know it’s impossible but man, what if its byproducts made clothes and food and toys and even birthday cakes!!! That would be a beautiful thing! Ahhh, if only I were God, what a thing I would do.

Everyone would be on my side.

Every single person would be my friend.

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