If these clips of Gov. DeSantis owning Charlie Crist at the Florida debate don’t end the Dem’s chances nothing will – twitchy.com

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and candidate Charlie Crist had a debate Monday night, and apparently the Democrat candidate brought in some astroturf.

Karol Markowicz was there and the scene outside ahead of the debate was something else:

Let’s get right to the zinger of the night, courtesy of Crist’s claims that DeSantis is just using his office as a stepping stone for 2024:


One more time:

D’OH! Crist should just drop out now, right?

Then there was Crist’s failed attempt to portray DeSantis as the school closure cheerleader:

Another OOF for the ages:

Here are a couple more bonus clips from the debate:

Wrecked, indeed.

And does Crist want to talk about divisiveness?

Bring on election day!



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