He LITERALLY said it! Karine Jean-Pierre short circuits trying to spin Biden’s comments about COVID being OVER and LOL (watch) – twitchy.com

Karine Jean-Pierre is just not cut out for this gig. We’re not even being mean, just honest. It takes a far smarter liar, like Little Red Lying Hood, to spin this level of BS.

And HOOBOY, this was some serious BS.

Watching KJP try and pretend Biden didn’t tell the world during his 60 Minutes interview that the pandemic is over is something else.

Take a gander:

Except he wasn’t clear and he didn’t say in the interview that COVID remains a problem.


Let’s go back to the footage, shall we?

Gosh, seems pretty clear to us.

The pandemic is OVER.

LOUDER for the people in the back!

We almost feel sorry for her.


Fair point, sadly.

They’re sure trying.

Yup, he sure did.

And no amount of spin will change that.



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