Gisele Fetterman DRAGGED for exploiting survivors to play the VICTIM after ditching hubby in hospital –

Way to exploit survivors to play the victim, Gisele. Seriously, ACES.

Last week, after her husband John Fetterman, was admitted to the hospital for depression (???), Gisele Fetterman tweeted about taking her children to Canada and having fun. Now, a lot of people questioned the timing of her trip and tweets, and with good reason; how many wives take off to another COUNTRY right after their husband has been hospitalized for who knows how long? Welp, after she went on a blocking spree (she blocked this editor even) she played the victim.

And equated being dragged for ditching her husband for a good time to rape.

No, really.

From WaPo:

“Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman are failing their husbands,” read the headline of a recent Washington Examiner column, the body of which went on to claim that “both of these men are arguably victims of terrible women.”

This column linked to a Twitter poll put up by conservative commentator Matt Walsh titled “Who is the worst wife in America?” (In addition to Jill and Gisele, the other choices were Meghan Markle and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and no, I do not think it’s a coincidence that three of these four options are immigrants or women of color).

The attacks on Gisele, in particular, are dizzying in scope and ambition: It was her fault that her husband ran for Senate. It was her fault that he won. It was her fault that her children were not dressed more formally for their father’s swearing-in. John Fetterman, according to one line of grotesque and specious Twitter speculation, struggled with depression because his wife wouldn’t stop seeking the spotlight. But then it was also Gisele’s fault when to avoid the spotlight brought on by his hospitalization, she decided to take their children to Niagara Falls. “Gisele Left-Her-Man,” …

Awww, yes, it’s the RIGHT’S fault for calling her out.

Way to carry that water, WaPo. Nobody does it better.

Oh, and LOL, Left-Her-Man.



That’s the explanation.

Nobody made her ditch John at the hospital, go to Canada, and then post tweets about the family having fun.

Maybe instead of playing the victim and exploiting LITERAL victims, she should take this as a learning opportunity …

JUST KIDDING. We know that won’t be happening any time soon.



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