Ginni Thomas seems to be missing from the J6 report – leftists freak out –

Ginni Thomas was not mentioned in the January 6 Committee’s report – an omission that has the Left rage-seething on Twitter.

Many are perplexed that Ginni Thomas won’t be charged, convicted, and imprisoned, but usually those actions are reserved for people who break the law.

Ginni Thomas is an activist. She believes Trump won the 2020 election. She told people that. She thought the election results were bogus and should be overturned. She talked to people she had access to, telling them that’s what needed to happen, using legal processes.

None of that is illegal, unless you’re a leftist who has become convinced ‘election denial’ is a real crime and not something that was very popular until recently (election denial was quite en vogue from 2016 until about November of 2020).

Ginni Thomas is not ‘above the law’. Actual law enforcement agencies, as opposed to partisan political committees, have had years to charge Ginni Thomas.

They haven’t because she didn’t break the law.

Innocence denial is the new anti-democratic trend on the Left.

Why do they care so much about Ginni Thomas? Because she’s the wife of Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.

They hate Clarence Thomas with the fire of a thousand suns because he’s conservative and he’s black.

It really is that simple. We hate to break it to you lefties who think your side is racism-free. To many on the left an ‘acceptable’ black man holds Democrat-approved opinions or he ‘ain’t black’.

They’ve harbored this grudge against Clarence Thomas from the moment Joe Biden smeared him and tried to destroy his nomination, and they see Ginni Thomas as an avenue to damage or even potentially remove him.

This is what we’re talking about. They don’t even see how absurd they sound.

‘Oh no! Ginni Thomas sent text messages saying the election results were flawed and she thought they should be overturned!’

So what? LOL.

They’re quite angry, but you won’t see many of them pointing out why Ginni Thomas should be a focus or be charged. (They can’t.)

This ‘winner’ from The New Republic claims the Thomases are ‘openly flouting’ the rules of ‘American democracy’. This is the kind of gibberish people have to invent when they can’t name an accusation with some actual meat on the bone.

The article essentially argues that Ginni Thomas is super conservative and stuff and Clarence Thomas makes super conservative rulings, so they have to be in cahoots. Pulitzer-worthy stuff right there.

Ooh! The notorious crime of ‘trying to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election’! We missed Ginni Thomas descending on D.C. with a group of well-armed rebels to stage what historically was called a ‘coup’, before the term was redefined to mean an unarmed crowd of BMI-challenged protesters going too far, staging a riot, and some becoming violent (all being dealt with by law enforcement).

No, Ginni Thomas sent text messages! She might as well have been storming the Capitol herself!

This becomes even more absurd when you remember these same people tried every option available to them to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election. That was, of course, heroic and patriotic instead of treasonous.

Certainly not, Harry. In fact, it appears you’re providing her the Executive Suite, rent-free, in your head. LOL!

He said ‘National Security’, so that makes this hot take very serious or something.

Stunning and brave.

Ha! JoJo, social media expert who got duped by an obvious phishing scam, is back in all her glory.

‘We should demand this now.’ LOL. These are probably the thoughts that run through the brain of a 4-year-old who wants more nuggets.

‘How can they call this a Happy Meal and limit me to 4 nuggets? They need to give me more nuggets! We should demand this now.’

How will Ginni Thomas ever recover? LOL. Bunch of weirdos.

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