Geraldo Rivera wonders what Jesus would say about dropping off migrants in front of Kamala Harris’ house –

About 50 migrants were dropped us by bus in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’ home on Christmas Eve. This was especially cruel as it was only 15 degrees out in Washington, D.C., instead of the balmy 23 degrees it was in El Paso, where we guess they were supposed to stay indefinitely.

Joaquin Castro called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott heartless and questioned his Christianity.

There’s a meme out there about those who aren’t Christian declaring what rules Christians have to follow (even though they have no respect for the religion). Maybe Harris could have opened up her mansion and taken them in, but that would have interrupted her Schwanza, no, Kwanzaa celebration. Don’t any of those candles represent unity?

Geraldo Rivera also decided to shame Abbott as a bad Christian. What would Jesus say? Tell us, Geraldo, what would Jesus say?

Hey, he’s tweeting from Florida? Aren’t we supposed to be boycotting DeathSantis’ state?

The Christians of Martha’s Vineyard took them in for, like, a whole day before shipping them off to a military base.

Separation of church and state!

Oh, and they’re being “kidnapped” by being asked if they’d like a free bus ride north where there are supposedly sanctuary cities and plentiful job opportunities.


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