George Takei tries to mock Lauren Boebert’s ‘2 words’ tweet about Biden but drops the mic on his own head (AND Biden’s) –

At the end of this week there were many “two words” tweets followed by three words that the Left immediately mocked, and this is one of them:

You’re probably already in on the joke, but so many libs obviously are not. Here’s yet another example as George Takei attempts to mock Boebert’s tweet:

Um, yeah, she can count but it’s a joke about Biden not being able to do just that.

It seems lefties are so busy focusing on all things Trump and whatnot that they won’t allow themselves to see what Biden’s said on Thursday:

Yep. If Takei thinks Boebert’s an idiot for that then he really doesn’t want to know what that makes his hero president:

Takei probably doesn’t realize what happened because it’s likely the “news” outlets he watches haven’t bothered to show Biden’s “two words” gaffe.

And now Takei’s so invested in it that he’ll likely never be able to admit why Boebert’s tweet is actually funny at Biden’s expense.



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