George Lopez gets dragged for drag queen comments he made to ‘drag hag’ Ana Navarro –

The Left depends on two types of people: Those who are willing to misinform the public to further their political agenda and those who are willing to be misinformed. Enter Ana Navarro and George Lopez.

While Lopez was on The View, Navarro launched her misleading narrative in defense of drag queens, saying she loved drag queens and referring to herself as a ‘drag hag’.

Ana Navarro is, of course, being quite dishonest. Drag queens have been around for a long time with little cultural opposition from conservatives because drag was widely considered a form of entertainment for adults.

That has changed recently, however, as more and more efforts are being made to push drag shows and drag queens on children. That is the actual controversy, and Ana Navarro knows it.

We’ve never had much respect for the political IQ of Hollywood, so we weren’t surprised when George Lopez bought the false narrative hook, line, and sinker, declaring ‘If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re an enemy of mine’.

Guess what, George, if you’re defending the trend of pushing drag queens on children, we accept your terms.

Also, why does it seem like George Lopez is within five years of fully transitioning to an Ewok? But we digress …

Clowns on the left really believe normal people are just going to be okay with this nonsense.


Exactly. Ana Navarro knows. George Lopez … spreading lies or just dumb? We report. You decide. LOL.

Strange indeed. Bold move to align yourself with this garbage, George Lopez.

Any thinking person knows the intent of events like Drag Queen Story Hour. Hint: It’s not the story.

Anyone could read a story to children. The kids are interested in the story. The adults, on the other hand, are interested in using children’s love of story to make them like the storyteller.

Imagine libraries hosting Evangelical Pastor Story Hour or Republican Politician Story Hour.

Stop using kids!


George used to be funny (and happy). The glimpses we’ve gotten of him on Twitter in recent years are quite the opposite.

Liberalism destroys everything. LOL.

Harsh! LOL!

And now you can too! You’re welcome.

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