Former head of Twitter Trust & Safety Yoel Roth had ‘a secret dirty account’ and YIKES (thread) –

Over the past few weeks we’ve been learning a lot about how screwed up and quite frankly corrupt everything was at Twitter in the pre-Musk days. Especially when it came to their whole ‘Trust and Safety’ efforts. One name that keeps coming up is former head of Twitter Trust & Safety, Yoel Roth.

Besides seeing his obvious bias against the Right … it sounds like he had a ‘secret dirty Twitter account’.

He said so himself.

Take a look.

Yeah, because this account and his tweets SCREAM both trust and safety.

WOW. Wow wow.

It gets WAY worse – check out this thread Libs of TikTok shared:


Keep going.

Ok, this editor is super naive and didn’t even know those sites existed.

And more yikes.

Gosh, Matt Otter aka @Otterriffic magically has zero tweets and one follower.


All we keep thinking about is how this was the guy in charge of determining what was and wasn’t ok on Twitter.

Yeah, and you wonder why it was such a sh*thole.

We got nothin’.


Red flags, red flags EVERYWHERE.

And now we unfortunately all know Yoel too well.

Not enough ‘YIKES’ in the world.

No wonder.

It can always get worse.



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