FINALLY a federal gov’t official accused of wrongdoing is being held accountable –

Over the past several years we’ve seen government officials (politicians or bureaucrats) using their positions to target political opponents or opposing parties, barely escaping corruption charges or misleading the public and then getting a very nice retirement package courtesy of the same taxpayers they lied to.

BUT, at least now a public official might finally be held accountable. The U.S. Energy Department’s Sam Brinton, a serial luggage thief, has reportedly been relieved of they/them’s government job:

From the New York Post:

The Department of Energy has fired a top nuclear waste official who happens to be non-binary and has been accused in a string of luggage thefts, according to reports.

“Sam Brinton is no longer a DOE employee. By law, the Department of Energy cannot comment further on personnel matters,” a spokesperson for the DOE told the Daily Beast on Monday.

The Post has reached out to the agency for comment.

The 35-year-old Biden administration deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy was reportedly canned after being charged with stealing a woman’s suitcase from a Minneapolis airport in September and another woman’s bag from a Las Vegas airport in July.

At least there’s SOME accountability in government.

The ensuing weeks will determine where this all leads… if anywhere.



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