Fascism-fighting scribe says ‘hateful homophobic hillbilly DeSantis’ is investigating venue over drag show – twitchy.com

We’ve written about Lesley Abravanel before, especially during Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ re-election campaign (which he won handily). She must really want to date him because her obsession borders on “Fatal Attraction.” Now she’s upset about a lot of things, but especially his investigation into a Christmas-themed drag show. As Twitchy reported, the DeSantis administration sent a letter to a venue that was hosting the sexually explicit “Drag Queen Christmas” and reminded them it was their duty to make sure minors were not admitted (even though it was advertised as an “all-ages” event). Here’s just a tiny clip of “Screwdolph”:

Abravanel is upset that “hateful homophobic hillbilly” DeSantis is investigating.

In case you missed it, here is more video of “A Drag Queen Christmas”:

So it’s Nazi Germany to tell a venue not to allow minors into a sexually explicit performance? Stay mad.


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