Eric Swalwell accidentally shows how LITTLE he and all Dems think of women with #WeWontGoBack tweet –

Democrats’ biggest mistake is thinking women only care about ONE THING.

In their tiny little minds, we’re nothing more than walking vaginas worried about having the ability to murder our offspring … it’s pathetic and incredibly insulting. Forget that most women are absolutely worried about feeding their families, putting gas in their tanks, staying warm this winter, and being safe in their communities. And considering how often women are the victims of crime you’d think Democrats would at least acknowledge it.

But no, they’re too focused on our fallopian tubes or something.

Look at this stupid from Eric Swallwell.

That poor young girl at the end … being taught that she’s nothing more than her reproductive organs.

Shameful how little they think of women in general, especially Swalwell who seems to think an ad pushing abortion will somehow change every woman’s mind at the last minute to vote for his crap party.

Guess what, he’s very very very wrong.

That will never get old.

C’mon man, you guys weren’t able to define a woman until you decided you needed our votes.

Good point.


Crosses fingers, eyes, toes, arms, legs … you get the picture.



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