Elizabeth Warren’s #IndigenousPeoplesDay tweet does not disappoint – twitchy.com

What do we look forward to most every year when Columbus Day — sorry, Indigenous People’s Day? Well, at or near the top of the list has got to be an Indigenous People’s Day tweet from Elizabeth Warren.

Once again, Liz did not disappoint:

Today should also be #ShamelessDemocraticSenatorsDay. But then, we suppose that every day is already #ShamelessDemocraticSenatorsDay if you really stop ad think about it.

Forget it; she’s rolling.

Uh, yeah. We would if we were her.

Thank God we’re not her.

She celebrates it so hard that she actually becomes an Indigenous Person.

Amazing. She literally can’t help herself. But we’re so here for it.

Nope. They never will.

Which means we’ll never run out of people to mock.



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