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You know when you find out you’re about to get unexpected company so you run the vacuum, spray some air freshener, and jam the dirty clothes pile into that one room or closet that we don’t speak about? Well that’s exactly what El Paso appears to have done when they heard Biden was coming to town.

Biden will most likely think he’s in Poughkeepsie, so we doubt the cleanup will affect his outlook, but it’s definitely pre-meditated deceit of the American public who will be treated to photos of the President touring a city seemingly unaffected by his open border policies.

It’s one thing to sweep a little dirt under the rug because Aunt Ruth announces she’s ‘dropping by’, but clearing out swaths of illegal immigrants from the streets to pretend there is no border crisis is a new low.

Where did all the people go? The city of El Paso must have human trafficked them somewhere.

If this isn’t the perfect metaphor for the Democrats’ gaslighting of the American people on the nation’s immigration crisis for decades, we don’t know what is.

Good for Abbott. Biden needs to be called out. His policies are hurting American citizens and the people he’s encouraging to come here illegally.


This person is actually serious, but we still laughed.

Maybe we should just ship Joe Biden around to every border community that is impacted by illegal immigration so they can clean up all the evidence of his failures for the cameras.

The people who bemoaned Trump’s ‘Bible photo op’ for days are perfectly fine with El Paso pretending Democrat policies haven’t created a humanitarian crisis so Joe Biden can have a pleasant photo op at the border.

Out of sight. Out of mind.



What an absolute farce.

Now that is funny!


He knows. Democrats know. They just want to keep as many American citizens in the dark as possible.



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