Don’t look now, but Republicans are pouncing on stories about accused luggage thief Sam Brinton –

It’s a media cliche at this point but we just can’t help but shine a light on one of their favorite angles when the story is about a Democrat, and that approach is of course to make the story about the Republicans commenting about it.

Today’s example comes from Forbes and is about U.S. Energy Department’s Sam Brinton, who has now been accused of stealing luggage off of baggage carousels at not one, but two airports:

Let the pouncing begin!

The Biden Administration has come under fire from Republican lawmakers after Energy Department official Sam Brinton, who identifies as nonbinary, was charged in two separate instances of stealing suitcases at U.S. airports, as GOP officials blame Biden’s “wokeness” for hiring them.

Several GOP pouncers were then listed after seizing upon the Brinton story.

Possibly the harshest Republican pouncing has been spotted emanating from Libs of TikTok, the “far-right social media account” that commits the egregious crime of reposting videos that have already been posted publicly elsewhere:

The far-right social media account Libs of TikTok—which has been accused of spreading anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theories including the debunked “furries” theory that children identify as animals in school—attacked Brinton for wearing women’s clothing and engaging in “pup play” in addition to stealing luggage.

If only Republicans would stop noticing these things they wouldn’t be happening!

The poor and marginalized will of course be “hardest hit” by this pouncing.

The Forbes article also manages to work in a swipe at Gov. DeSantis in the “Republicans pounce” piece:

Apparently alleged anti-LGBTQ legislation had something to do with all this. Have you forgotten that this story is about a Biden administration official stealing luggage? That’s the intent.

This type of “journalism” is as predictable as the sun rising in the east.



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