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Providing several popular payment methods is a smart move for any brand because it cuts down on customer wait times, makes payment easier, and makes the brand more appealing.

There are still a lot of retail giants who think differently. As an iPhone user, if you shop at Lowe’s, you would probably know the answer to does Lowe’s take Apple Pay?

Let us find out if Lowe’s accepts Apple Pay. If not, then why?

Does Lowe’s Accept Apple Pay?

No, at this time Lowe’s does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment in their stores. They do not have the NFC technology to receive payment through mediums such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.

As of now, there are no plans for Lowe’s to begin using Apple Pay or any other form of NFC mobile payments. This is likely because they have their own store credit card which offers customers 5% off all purchases, along with other benefits.

What Is NFC Technology?

NFC is well known as a short-range wireless connectivity technology that allows two devices to exchange data. NFC can be used for a variety of applications, such as mobile payments, public transportation ticketing, and access control.

In 2020, mobile wallet usage reached a new all-time high of 46%. It is predicted that by 2024, electronic transactions will account for 80% of all business.

Many shops are currently adding NFC (Near-Field Communication) terminals to enable customers to pay with their phones in a faster and more secure manner at checkout.

If a store has an NFC reader, customers can make purchases with their compatible mobile payment app or digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Why Doesn’t Lowe’s Accept Apple Pay?

Adopting an NFC technology such as Apple Pay at Lowe’s can clearly be a profitable idea, but there are a few reasons why they don’t accept it.

Merchant Fee

The first reason might be the merchant fee. When a customer pays with Apple Pay, the store has to pay a merchant fee to Apple. This is because Apple takes a small cut from each transaction that goes through its system. Apple charges this fee to cover the cost of providing the service and to make a profit.

Absence of NFC

Another reason is the absence of an NFC reader. At the moment, Lowe’s doesn’t have any NFC terminals in its stores. This means that even if you wanted to pay with Apple Pay, you wouldn’t be able to because there would be no way to process the transaction. The reason Lowe’s is not including the NFC terminal in its store is that it is pricey and installing it would require some infrastructural changes.

Lowe’s Have its Own Card

One of the major reasons why Lowe’s doesn’t support Apple Pay is because it has its own credit card. So, if Lowe’s allows the Apple Pay system in its store, then it would be directly competing with its own credit card. By not allowing Apple Pay or Google Pay, Lowe’s is pushing customers on getting its credit card.

Lowe’s Lack of Interest

The last reason is that Lowe’s might simply not be interested in Apple Pay. Even though there are many benefits of using an NFC system like Apple Pay, some companies are still hesitant to adopt it because they’re not sure if it’s worth the investment. It’s possible that Lowe’s is one of these companies. The brand might think that the benefits of Apple Pay don’t justify the costs.

Which Payment Options Does Lowe’s Take?

At Lowe’s, Apple Pay is not possible, but there are many alternative options for payment available. Traditional payment methods such as cash and checks are always accepted.

You can make a payment using any of the following methods as well:

  • Debit and Credit cards from major companies, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, are accepted
  • Gift Cards from Lowe’s
  • Lowe’s Credit Cards

You can also pay through PayPal, but it can only be done online.

Does Lowe’s Accept Samsung Pay?

A few customers have reported that they can use Samsung Pay at checkout.

It is due to the fact that Samsung doesn’t only rely on NFC technology but has a magnetic strip transmission device for transferring money.

Not every Lowe’s store knows how to operate the magnetic strip data transmission device. So it is advisable to bring a backup means of payment ready just in case you end up at a store that doesn’t entertain Samsung Pay.

What Credit Cards Does Lowe’s Offer?

Although Lowe’s doesn’t accept Apple Pay, it heavily relies on the idea of promoting its own products. You can get a lot of benefits and special offers from them. Here is a list of Lowe’s credit card options:

1. Lowe’s Business Credit And PreLoad Card: Lowe’s offers a Business Credit and PreLoad Card that will help you save money on business purchases.

  • Every day, you can save 5% on select purchases
  • The delivery charges are lower as well
  • They provide billing choices that make it easy to track the items your staff buys
  • You’ll get access to exclusive events just for cardholders

2. Lowe’s Advantage Card: People who routinely shop at Lowe’s will benefit greatly from having this credit card. The Lowe’s Advantage Card is one of their most well-received credit cards.

  • There are no yearly charges for this card
  • It offers extended payment plans of 84 months at a lower APR on selected goods
  • You can save up to 5% off on selected purchases every day, just like a Business Credit card
  • Plus, there are some events that are accessible only to cardholders

3. Lease-To-Own: Those who prefer not to use credit cards can take advantage of Lowe’s lease-to-own program. It’s a good option for making a large purchase, especially if the recipient doesn’t have a high credit score or access to a credit card. The process follows these three simple steps:

  • The concept is to rent an item or set of materials from them
  • The remainder of the debt is paid off by making regular payments over time
  • After a purchase is paid in full, the buyer has legal possession of the product

Quick Tip to Use PayPal

PayPal is not only a payment processor but also a digital wallet that can be linked to a wide variety of credit and debit cards; however, the option you select as the default depends on the sort of payment you are making. Here are some guidelines for using it on Lowe’s online store:

  • Find the section labeled “Other Payment Methods” on the checkout page to use PayPal
  • If you go to that page, you’ll find a PayPal checkout option
  • When you do, you’ll be requested to link your shop account with your PayPal account
  • As soon as PayPal confirms the transaction, the money will be transferred
  • Making a purchase with PayPal is very much like using Apple Pay

Should Lowe’s Take Apple Pay?

There are many reasons why Lowe’s should take Apple Pay, such as the high number of iPhone users, the contactless payment system, and the growing popularity of mobile payments.

Lowe’s is missing out on a lot of potential customers by not accepting Apple Pay. The brand should reconsider its position on mobile payments and NFC technology.

Here are the reasons why Lowe’s should consider accepting Apple Pay:

1. Convenient to Use

It’s difficult to debate the convenience of Apple Pay when purchasing. It eliminates the need for users to go through their wallets before making a purchase, and swiping, entering a pin, or waiting for the transaction to finish is also not required. Things progress more quickly and smoothly.

2. Secure Transactions

When compared to other payment methods, NFC technology is more dependable and secure. As a result, the likelihood of fraudulent transactions, forgery, and card information theft is lowered.

3. Sanitary Approach

In light of the lessons learned from COVID-19, we must practice more hygiene in various areas. One of these activities includes going shopping. In an effort to prevent the spread of disease, people should avoid touching items used by many people, such as those at a Lowe’s checkout counter.

4. Improved Satisfaction

Some iPhone users can’t go without Apple Pay. Perhaps they may opt to shop elsewhere, at a store that accepts Apple Pay, rather than at Lowe’s. If Lowe’s could take Apple Pay, it may attract another set of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my phone to pay at Lowe’s?

No, you cannot pay with your phone at Lowe’s. The brand does not have any immediate interest in adopting the necessary technologies to conduct transactions.

What forms of payment does Lowe’s take?

Lowe’s accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and debit cards as forms of payment. You can also use PayPal for online transactions.

Does Lowe’s accept tap-to-pay?

No, Lowe’s does not accept tap pay as a form of payment. You can use other methods such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, Lowe’s gift cards, etc.

Summing Up

Lowe’s is missing out on a lot of potential customers by not accepting Apple Pay. The brand should reconsider its position on NFC technology, as transactions are handled more swiftly, leading to a better shopping experience. Nonetheless, the attractive perks and savings with Lowe’s Credit Card Policy more than compensate for the lack of mobile payments.

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