Ding-a-ling, you Dems had 50 YEARS! Amy Klobuchar claiming Roe should be codified into law NOW goes oh SO very wrong – twitchy.com

Democrats have had 50 years to codify Roe into law.

And for whatever reason, they never got around to it. Sort of like illegal immigration … even when they had a supermajority they pushed other horrible things, like Obamacare. One would think it would’ve been easy enough to codify Roe in 2010 with Obama, right?

That’s probably why people are giving Amy Klobuchar such a hard time for claiming we should codify Roe into law NOW.

They’ve had PLENTY of opportunities to codify Roe. They chose NOT TO because it’s the carrot they put in front of their lemming supporters. Vote for us or abortion will go away!

That’s literally their big campaign push right now.

AHA! We see what he did there.



This works.

What a giver.

And gosh golly gee, they didn’t get it done.

Almost as if that was a freakin’ LIE.

No wonder they’re pushing abortion so hard.



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