David Reaboi takes The Atlantic’s piece on WHY Dems are losing Hispanic voters apart in BRUTAL thread – twitchy.com

It’s cute watching the Left try and figure out what Democrats could have possibly done to lose the Hispanic vote. Maybe calling them Latinx and pushing policies that are anti-family, anti-country, and anti-church wasn’t such a great idea if they wanted to win over Hispanic voters.

Seems pretty simple to us.

But The Atlantic in all its infinite wisdom decided to complicate things.

David Reaboi was good enough to take the article apart:

Did we mention this is behind a paywall? So big thanks to Reaboi for giving us a glance.



Not a Tucker Carlson devotee!!! Say it ain’t so! And the nerve of them caring about what Democrats, the Left, and teacher’s unions were doing to our kids during the pandemic. Sheesh.

Because you know, securing our border is super extreme and stuff.

López is right.

Is it just us or does the author of this piece come off as sounding pretty damn condescending?

Far-right fear merchant.

Meanwhile, we have idiots on the Left claiming OUR DEMOCRACY WILL END if Republicans are elected on Tuesday.


What he said.

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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